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Modern communication is about individualised experiences. We have come to expect more from organisations, brands and public services – more value and more relevance.
The coronavirus disruption, has turned many assumptions on their heads. The relationship between schools and parents has been revealed as too thin. At a time when schools need parents to step up in their support, many are struggling to get on the front foot in their parent communication.
This is why we’re soon launching the Just Add Parents Survey. We will seek insights from parents across the UK, to build a picture of what they most need from schools during this period of uncertainty. During this period, parents will welcome support from authoritative sources. It is a unique opportunity for schools to transform their relations with parents and to build a positive parent community.
The Survey will build a nationwide picture for school leaders, helping them to understand the aspirations, demands and pressures of the modern parent, in all its myriad context and detail.
If you are a parent, you can take part in the Survey soon. Once we gather sufficient results, we will begin to publish them here, providing a source of insight and support for school leaders and the entire parent community.

Parents! Take part in the survey

The Just Add Parents Survey will help school leaders gain new insight into modern parents and their complex hopes, demands and confidence as educators.

Time: 8 minutes

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