Use communication to promote adaptability

Refresh communication skills to prepare for the unexpected. Workshops by outside professionals with vast experience training and coaching, from board room executives and startup founders to teachers, heads and the SLT.
  • Simple, powerful techniques used by professional communicators
  • Designed for the educational context – no patronising, no assumptions
  • Tips and techniques that will have an immediate impact

Recent virtual workshop.

Formats we offer

Training teachers
Short tailored workshops
on-site (also virtual).
teachers learning
Half-day general training offsite or virtual.
Teachers training workshop
Customised full-day courses for all levels.

What people say

Very friendly, well informed and experienced presenters. I will definitely be able to use the lessons learned today with immediate effect.



There was a very good balance of practical tips and guidance with interesting theory behind it. Recommended.


Head, Primary School

“I feel that if I implement what I’ve learnt, it will increase my personal impact”

  • Strongly agree 27% 27%
  • Agree 73% 73%

Who’ll benefit from our training

Parents working together with schools

Teachers will benefit from refreshing their communication skills to handle growing parental engagement. NQTs and less experienced staff will benefit from techniques designed to build trust.

Senior leaders

Now is a good time to refresh the SLT’s views on modern communication, to grasp the latest data on parental behaviour, the right technology and review current attitudes around best practice.

Communications specialists

During a time of almost daily changes to regulations and guidelines, specialists will benefit from insight, evidence and data to support their desire for an improvement across the board.


Pete Sigrist

Pete Sigrist

Communicator and co-founder

Pete has worked in communications with educators for over 20 years. He is a parent and has been a member of the SLT.

Simon Roundell

Simon Roundell

Teacher and co-founder

Simon has been a teacher for over 15 years, having trained at the IOE, University of London. He is a parent and is currently Head of Business.


Short workshop

£245 – £495

Training teachers
Tailored content to fit into existing CPD and training programmes within a school or MAT.


  • Designed to suit all levels
  • Covers full range of parent communication scenarios
  • Primary objective is handling increased parental engagement
  • Methods and techniques drawn from the world of professional comms
  • Provides evidence, data and modern methods to back up all recommendations


11 + 4 =

Half-day general

£195 – £345 per person

teachers learning
Designed to meet the general communications demands of teachers and leaders.


  • Same as short workshop plus...
  • Practical sessions for participants to test their new skills in lifelike scenarios
  • Troubleshooting and dealing with exceptional circumstances
  • Emphasis on creating unified and adaptable whole-school approach to external communication
  • Certificate of completion


7 + 12 =

Full-day course

£1495 – £2995

Teachers training workshop
Built with school improvement in mind to deliver transformative communication goals.


  • Same as half-day workshop plus…
  • Deals with issues and problems associated with individual school
  • Begins with an audit, providing a wealth of relevant information on current capabilities
  • Designed to enhance individual skills as well as whole-school approach
  • Concludes with communication improvement plan


14 + 14 =

Frequently asked questions.

Do you offer free training courses?

Yes although we are focused on developing a paid proposition for the moment, as we do not have time to do that full time.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes, our long (half day and full day) courses include a verifiable Just Add Parents certificate.

What if your training is not right for me?

It is always possible that our blend of theory and practice is not suitable for everyone. If you find the coursework is pitched at the wrong level, please tell us and we will seek to find an answer.

If I can’t make the dates you suggest, what can we do?

We make every endeavour to be flexible in our provision of communication training and we are always happy to run additional workshops or courses.