Children sitting learning together

What happens when a parent opens your email?

It’s a deceptively simple question but the truth is complicated.

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45 minutes: designed to take participants into the minds of the audience using techniques and processes common to the world of professional communications and used by some of the most effective school communication teams.

We will cover:

  • Gaining perspective
  • Defining communication
  • Breaking down moments of contact
  • Walking in their shoes with real examples
  • Cognitive science behind good/bad communication
  • An inquiry method for solving your own communication challenges
  • First thoughts on making your communications more impactful today

In this session you will learn specific theory and practice that will help you change the way you use email. The concepts and practical advice are transferrable to other platforms and channels as well, for example blogs and social media, applications and printed material.

Good for:

Anyone responsible for school-parent communications but without formal training in communication. Aimed at school leaders but would be relevant for teachers who engage with parents in a structured way.

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