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Parent communication success

What inspires us to challenge the status quo

Schools exist to foster virtuous circles between staff, children and parents (Plowden, 1967), creating an environment where they can flourish. The role of parents varies. Just Add Parents does not offer recommendations on engagement or involvement strategy. But once goals have been established, we bring fresh thinking to parent communication, helping the school build relationships and community cohesion.

Our goal is to help schools close the Parent-Engagement Gap, to provide them with the confidence and skills to create a positive parent community.

We draw together, from the worlds of communication and education, new ideas, research and creativity that helps schools and school leaders solve the parent communication challenges they face. We are not afraid of original thinking and always draw our insight from the research literature on parent-school relationships.

Our latest piece of work drawing together threads of evidence and original thinking from the diverse worlds of communication and education.

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